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B.Ed. Physical Science


B.Ed. Physical Science Overview


Physical science is a science that involves the study of matter. It also focuses matters motion in terms of space position and time set. In addition to this, the study also sheds light on core science concepts such as force and energy. B.Ed. in Physical Science degree program is designed to conduct a study on real nature and properties associated with non-living matter.Basically, this discipline is widespread in terms of natural resources and their application across different places.


It comprises a variety of fields such as physics, chemistry, earth sciences, astronomy, geology, etc. The study also involves research incorporating planning and conducting different experiments to carry out an in-depth study of natural phenomena. During course study, students get to involve in different activities such as debates, exhibition, industrial visits, etc.


This course is built around a core curriculum which focuses on roots of science coveringchemistry, physics, and mathematics to strengthen the base. The course study includes every object that you can see as well as many other things which you cannot see. If you are passionate to study the science field in detail and possess aim for growth of the field, then you are the right fit candidate for B.Ed. Physical Science course.


You can pursue B.Ed. Physical Science degree through either full-time, part-time, or distance learning mode. Those who wish to pursue this course even if they are not able to attend the classes can opt for the distance learning program.


B.Ed. Physical Science Eligibility


One should have completed graduation from well-recognized university.


B.Ed. Physical Science Duration


The duration for this course is two-year.


B.Ed. Physical Science Fees


You need to pay a yearly fee in the range of INR 15, 000 to INR 60, 000.


Admission Process for B.Ed. Physical Science


There is variation in the admission process of different colleges and universities. Mostly entrance tests are preferred for admitting students for the course. The course applicants who score high in the entrance test required to appear for the personal interview round. You can visit the college/university website to get the exact details regarding the admission process. Below you can find some of the entrance tests for B.Ed. Physical Science.


  • IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Exam
  • Delhi University B.Ed. Entrance Test
  • Punjab University B.Ed. Entrance Test
  • Mumbai University B.Ed. Entrance Test



of B.Ed. Physical Science 


  • To learn the most relevant, meaningful, and most updated knowledge related to the field of physical science.
  • To be able to acquire a high level of competencies in the learning-teaching process for the better development of the field.
  • To become proficient enough to pass on the gained knowledge to future generations in a most effective manner.


Syllabus for B.Ed. Physical Science


The syllabus for B.Ed. Physical Science includes a basic study of a science discipline along with its impact on discoveries, modernization, and modern communities. Given below list of subjects that comprise the syllabus for B.Ed. Physical Science.


  • Childhood and Growing Up
  • Contemporary India Education
  • Language across curriculum
  • Understanding ICT
  • School Exposure
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Knowledge and Curriculum
  • Assessment and Learning
  • Understanding ICT
  • School Exposure
  • Gender, School Society
  • Reading and Reflecting on Texts


Top B.Ed. Physical Science


There are numerous colleges across the country which provideB.Ed. Physical Science. One must consider various factors while selecting the college. These factors include college accreditation, academic records, and placement facility. You can go through below List of Best B.Ed. Colleges which you can refer to find the best fit for your education.


  • CMS College of Education, Coimbatore
  • Shadan College of Education, Hyderabad
  • DMI College of Education, Chennai
  • CICS College of Teacher Education, Kozhikode
  • N.G.P. College of Education, Coimbatore
  • NagrikShikshanSanstha College of Education, Mumbai
  • BSS B.Ed. Training College, Kerala
  • KMCT College of Teacher Education, Kozhikode
  • Ambarish Sharma College of Education and Technology, Meerut
  • Malla Reddy College of Education, Hyderabad


Employment Scope after B.Ed. Physical Science


B.Ed. Physical Science degree open ups opportunity to work in the field of science and technology. This degree leads you to devise a career in public as well as private sector. Most of the students prefer the teaching field which offers great exposure and good income.


There are many reputed coaching classes where you can join as a physical science teacher. If you are a true promoter of physical science and wish to contribute to the research work then you can join the researchcenter. Here are the importance workplaces where you can find employment after you finish B.Ed. Physical Science.


  • School
  • Coaching Center
  • NGO
  • Educational Departments
  • Research Center


Job Opportunities after B.Ed. Physical Science


There are different job roles on which you can find your interest. B.Ed. in Physical science gives you the opportunity to take on different spectrums of roles. On the completion of B.Ed. Physical Science,you find good scope working as a physical science teacher.


As a physicianyou require to examine patient to carry out diagnosis and treatments for the same. Physicians study patient thoroughly and as per that prescribe medications and interpret diagnostic tests. Here below is a list of profiles which you can take on after successful completion of B.Ed. Physical Science course.


  • Professor
  • Scientist
  • Content Writer
  • Consultant


Salary Packages after B.Ed. Physical Science


The salary package for an individual varies with the job role, skill set, years of experience, etc. As a fresher physical science teacher you can get an initial salary in the range of INR 10, 000 to INR 20, 000.  After gaining a couple of years of experience, you can easily get monthly salary from INR 18, 000 to INR 30, 000. Those who work as a content writer can receivea salary in the range of INR 10, 000 to INR 40, 000 per month.





Higher Studies after B.Ed. Physical Science


There is a growing trend among students to go for higher studies after completion of a B.Ed. degree. If you are aiming for crucial job roles in the area of special science,then it is recommended for you to pursue a higher degree after finishing B.Ed. Physical Science.


  • M.Ed. in Physical Science