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Bachelor of Physical Education B.P.Ed.

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  • 3 Years
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Bachelor of Physical Education or B.P.Ed. Course

B.P.Ed. Course Overview

B.P.Ed. stands for Bachelor of Physical Education which is an undergraduate degree program. This course is designed to educate students in different aspects related to sports and other physical activities. The program equips students with effective methods and techniques used for the overall progress of human body. Students are educated with theoretical knowledge alongside a heavy focus on practical sessions. Candidates are intensely trained in various sports and other physical activities in the tenure of the course. During this course, students can learn all the rules and regulations associated with different sports such as kho-kho, kabaddi, volleyball, boxing, etc. The B.P.Ed. course is ideally suitable for those interested to make a career in fitness and physical activities.

B.P.Ed. Course Eligibility

Students should have cleared the 10+2 examination from a recognized board. Those with sports background are preferred for this course.

B.P.Ed. Course Duration

The duration of this B.P.Ed. course is 1 years and can be extended up to 5 years depending upon the specialization subject.

B.P.Ed. Admission Procedure

Deserving candidates can apply for the course through online or offline mode. The marks secured in the examination play a crucial role in the admission process. Some institutes and universities conduct entrance test for selecting the candidates for the course. Many reputed institutes conduct fitness test, written test, and personal interview during the admission process. Qualified students can download the application form by visiting the official website of a particular college or university. Given below is the list of top B.P.Ed. course entrance exams conducted by some of the reputed colleges and universities in India.

  • Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar B.P.Ed. Course Entrance Exam
  • Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Meerut B.P.Ed. Course Entrance Exam
  • Luck now University B.P.Ed. Course Entrance Exam
  • Kanpur University B.P.Ed. Course Entrance Exam
  • Acharya Nagarjuna University Physical Education Common Entrance Test

B.P.Ed. Course Fees

The average fee for B.P.Ed. course ranges from 15, 000 to 65,000. The fee is variable as per the college and university norms.

Higher Studies after B.P.Ed. Course

B.P.Ed. graduates can opt for higher studies to enhance their skills and increase the level of expertise. Given below are some of the higher study options for the graduates.

  • M.P.Ed.
  • M.Phil. (Physical Education)

B.P.Ed. Course Objectives

  • Imparting basic knowledge related to health, fitness, nutrition, hygiene, and physical activities.
  • Developing teachers with focusing on character, personality, democratic values, positive attitude, and willpower to take straightforward steps in physical education.
  • Promoting the power of self-control, mental health, emotional stability, self-decision, respect for rules and authorities.
  • Empowering teacher to motivate their students to take active participation in sports, games, yoga, and other physical activities.
  • Promoting and spreading the importance of sports, games, yoga, and other physical activities to each individual of a society.

B.P.Ed. Colleges

Sports is becoming a vital part of the Indian education system. Considering this factor, the sports ministry of India have given a special consideration to physical education. There are various colleges in the country which provides B.P.Ed. course. Students need to be extremely cautious about college recognition before taking the admission. The course aspirants must check the entire status of the college. Multinational companies prefer the candidate who has completed the degree from a reputed college or university. It is recommended for students to give preference to NCTE or UGC approved B.P.Ed. colleges for the admission.

  • Amity School of Physical Studies and Sports Sciences
  • V.V. Sangha’s Basaveshwar College of Physical Education
  • Sri Sardar Butasinghji B.P.Ed. College
  • Josephs College of Physical Education
  • Sri Renugambal College of Physical Education
  • State Institute of Physical Education for Women
  • The Grantham College of Physical Vidisha
  • Vidyadhiraja College of Physical Education and Research
  • C.V. Raman College of Physical Education
  • A.E.C.S. Pavan College of Physical education

B.P.Ed. Syllabus

The B.P.Ed. syllabus covers the detailed study of physical education and well-focused training of different sports as per the specialization course. The B.P.Ed. course syllabus targeted for improving the quality of physical education with the addition of more sports and games activities.

 Semester 1Semester 2
Year 1st  Foundation of Physical Education  Yoga Education
 Methods of Teaching in Physical Education  Organization and Administration
 Anatomy and Physiology  Sports Nutrition and Weight Management
 Olympic Movement  Computer Applications in Physical Education
 Curriculum Design  Contemporary Issues in Physical Education
 Handball and Softball  Wrestling and Karate
 Kabaddi and Kho-Kho  Badminton and Lawn Tennis
 Semester 3Semester 4
Year 2nd  Sports Training  Evaluation in Physical Education
 Health Education and Environmental Studies  Officiating and Coaching
 Sports Psychology and sociology  Research and Statistics
 Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation  Theory of Sports and Games
 Sports Management  Kinesiology and Biomechanics
 Swimming and Gymnastics  Football and Hockey
 Yoga and Cricket  Sports Specialization
 Volleyball and Basketball  Games Specialization

B.P.Ed. Course Employment Scope

The degree in B.P.Ed. allows students to find employment in private sector such as sporting game, tournaments, or government sector enterprises. Some public sector undertakings nationalized banks, and private groups also hire outstanding sports candidates. B.P.Ed. degree holders can start their career in sports academy, sports good manufacturing companies, fitness clubs, marketing, etc. Following are some of the places where B.P.Ed. course graduates can seek employment.

  • Colleges
  • Private Schools
  • Fitness Centre
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sports and Business Marketing
  • Sports Equipment Industries.
  • Sports Team
  • Hotel Industries

B.P.Ed. Jobs

B.P.Ed. course completed graduates have the excellent job opportunities to utilize their skills related sports and physical activities. There are several primary job role which aspirants can work such as a teacher, health trainer, guide, personal trainer, etc. The government sector and companies associated with sports and games provide huge employment opportunities. Due to today’s fast-paced life, there is an increase in stress level which requires more physical activities to take it under control. This is the reason behind increasing demand for personal physical trainers in India.  Gyms, health centers, and health clubs are employing B.P.Ed. graduates on a larger basis. Following are some of the exciting job roles for B.P.Ed. course graduates.

  • Physical Education Instructors
  • Commentator
  • Trainer / Instructor / Coach
  • Umpire / Referee
  • Sports Journalist
  • Professional Players
  • Sports Club Managers
  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Photojournalists

B.P.Ed. Course Salary Package

The salary package in the field of physical education is dependent on the type of sports you are involved in. On the basis of expertise level and years of experience the field, the salary will increase substantially. B.P.Ed. degree open wide opportunities in both governments as well as private sector.  The average salary pays for B.P.Ed. graduate is within a range of 15,000 to 50, 000. The salary for personal trainers is on the higher side depending on to whom they are giving training.

B.P.Ed. Course Higher Studies

B.P.Ed. graduates can opt for higher studies to enhance their skills and increase the level of expertise. Given below are some of the higher study options for the graduates.

  • M.P.Ed.
  • M.Phil. (Physical Education)